Design every decision to lead you one step closer to your vision.


Top Priority Circle

One to one training for executives. We train Executive leaders to make consistent, impact-centered decisions without any further need for decision-making consultants.

Executive Group Training

We train management teams to make decisions autonomously and decisively without the need for constant babysitting from their directors.


We train anybody to design their path in life without the need for long-term coaching or advisors.

Some workshop topics:
  • "Have you missed the future?"
  • "How to envision"
  • "Is what you value, what you think you value?"
  • "How to design impact-centered decisions"
  • "Do you measure your progress right?"
  • "Create your metrics of success"

Hands-On Internships

We train university students looking for hands-on experience using our design approach in building systems and software. It's technically an internship, but we like to call it an experienceship.

Hear from our best performers.

"My internship at MED-VAR allowed me to have an experience unlike any of my peers."

Brian Bowman, PharmD, MBA, Marketing - 2014

"I am grateful to have had the experience to work with such a unique, innovative, and forward thinking group. "

Divya Kaushik, University of Illinois, Software Engineering - 2017

"Every step we take in life starts with a decision. You better know how to design the best ones."

- Common Sense

Our Research is our fuel.

current research:

Collect data about workplace barriers in managing millennials
Understand bottlenecks in decision making processes within companies
Measure the global impact of local decisions
Research tools for measuring collective impact
Discover novel design theories and approaches
Blueprint the process of creating innovations

"Decision design is an element of intelligence. " to learn more.