MED-VAR uses a metric enabled decision driven protocol as the foundation of our approach to problem-solving. From our own proprietary tools and software to service designs that we produce for our customers, this humanistic and user-centered approach is what we use for every problem that we tackle.

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If you want to know how your service is performing, we perform a quick, comprehensive evaluation of your service using our Incscan tool. However, if you suspect or know that there exists a problem in your service, we perform an evaluation, identify the problem, then perform a root-cause analysis to pinpoint the issues for you to address.


  1. We start by quick screening your company or organization, using our IncScan tool, to record your services' efficiency, quality, and the alignment of its brand, strategy, and marketing tactics.
  2. Using root-cause analysis, we identify the lowest hanging fruit that can potentially result in the greatest optimization for your entire service.
  3. We then use Design Thinking to come up with innovative solutions.
  4. We assess the overall outcome.

Novel Service Design

We work within the scope of your resources and capabilities to custom-design a new service that fulfills your specifications and requirements. From small, short-term projects to large, long-term ones we stick by and continually consult our clients throughout the design process as we design a comprehensive, custom, and human-centered experience for your users.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning
  • Service model design
  • Partnership design
  • Process flow design
  • Team design
  • Innovative service design based on market research
  • Branding
  • Initiative design
  • Strategy design
  • Outcome metrics

Service Measurement

We use multidimensional tools to develop your custom metrics that enable you to measure your service based on your capabilities, client demographics, needs, and market, rather than measuring your service with the same cookie cutter metrics made for other companies and organizations.




To serve you better, we use these proprietary tools that are developed on the ground while working with our clients.


Experience Enhancer

This intricate tool made specifically for experience design takes into consideration all the touch points of a service with its user and suggests ways of enhancement.

Impact Radar

A measurement tool that we use to legitimize your overall impact, customized to your own capabilities and your specific goals to validate your success.


A predictive analytics and data mining tool with an accuracy rate of 96%. Hermi can generate instant insights that can enable our clients to understand their positions and make the decision accordingly.


This is our comprehensive tool for quick assessments of services as a whole - tangible and intangible factors included. From culture and values to structure and alignment, we give you an overall view of your business or organizations with visual maps for areas of concerns and others of strengths.



SamePage is a smart application developed by M.E.D-V.A.R as a Design thinking tool to help our clients make decisions instantly, anonymously, collectively, and visually. Companies, organizations, and partnerships use SamePage to decide on their shared vision, mission, common goals, metrics, and impact.






lines of code


mill. $s saved


years of combined experience


Legitimized the Impact of a Project

$2 million in funding awarded
  • The case: A not-for-profit organization failing to validate the impact of a $25 mil social intiative
  • The tools used: Custom Visualization of a Social Impact Radar
  • The outcome: The organization was awarded an additional 2 million dollars in funding

Enhanced Team Productivity

$217,000 in annual savings
  • The case: A well qualified dedicated team that isn't reaching their goals
  • The tools used: Team Flow Mapping, Time Wastage Meter, Team Productivity Indicator
  • The outcome: Team integration enhanced the productivity of the team by 47%

Enhanced the Delivery of a Service

$417,000 in annual savings
  • The case: A very slow service in an emergency room with patients waiting up to 5 hours
  • The tools used: A new service model that solved the problems of service alignment, service integration, and patient redirection
  • The outcome: Lowered average patient wait time to 1 hour and 45 minutes

Innovated a Service On Demand

Launched in 3 months
  • The case: Physicians with a high, yet uncapitalized international demand
  • The tools used: A HEPA compliant web app that connects the physicians with their international customers and allows for online visual communications
  • The outcome: A 289% increase in the number of international patients serviced www.Transplant4.me

Measured and Enhanced a Partnership

$1.5 million in funding awarded
  • The case: A partnership of 13 organizations struggling with the implementation of their agenda
  • The tools used: An online Partnership Matrix and Performance Score Card visualization with a overall model of future strategies for improved Partnership
  • The outcome: Their collecive performance increased by 64% in one year

Enhanced an Online User Experience

$331,000 increase in revenue
  • The case: A good banking service that loses clients because of a poor online experience
  • The tools used: Wholistic Service Map, and a new interface based on a new experience design
  • The outcome: Their customer satisfaction increased by 41%.



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MED-VAR's recent research on the use of Design Thinking in the field of management is presented as 2016 Innovation Showcase at the Sixteenth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations

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  • Principle #6

    "If everyone looked as good as Angelina Jolie in her custom tailored dress, then you too can directly copy the innovations made for other companies."

  • Principle #4

    "The first ingredient needed for innovation, progress and growth is people. Money alone does not build civilizations."

  • Principle  #17

    "Meaningful innovation doesn't have to solve the whole problem. Sometimes making the problem manageable is meaningful enough."

  • Principle  #8

    "If you don't know where you are, how are you going to get to where you want be?"

  • Principle  #22

    "If you are connecting people living in the past to the innovations of the future, then you have to be able to speak both languages."

  • Principle  #11

    "Every innovation is born out of a vision. The wrong vision gives birth to an irrelevant innovation."

  • Principle  #13

    "Many of those you give a voice to in making decisions pay you back with increased dedication."







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